A “normal” Day

So one may think life in the jungle tropics and a major tourist spot is all about party and that next margarita hopefully minus the cruda(hangover). Reality of full time life is the same more or less anywhere.

Here is mine more or less during the school year. Shake myself up at 6:15am to rise the boy and do mom duties, breakfast, lunch feed the dog…., rush out the front door and take him to school and get an hour of Crossfit in, yes push myself and see how much or little I can do hahahahah.

Then I’m so called free until 2:30. What’s a mom to do… freedom not, son thinks it’s free time!!! Grocery shopping, cook prepping, laundry, paperwork,… wait I can do that anywhere don’t need to be here! But the other stuff that’s different is making sure the gas tank is filled, last week the pipa ( truck) never came for 3 days um yeah right it broke down and supposedly that and only that one serves my area hahahaha, different company after the holiday arrived promptly took 4 days and a gazillion of calls! Dealing with banks teeth grinding with all my pertinent papers and 500 copies in tow!! Oh and the sketchy internet and phone yes in a major city omg one needs nerves of steel. But the worst is CFE the monopoly of power company, new algorithms new system and the rates go from 1800 pesos a month to 12000 holy moly the jefes there hate this gringa!!!! 6 months later and still not resolved.

So there are alot of crazies, if I have time I do this in my free time sew and bake.

i do pastries for weddings and parties like this

I sew a lot almost daily, I make clothes and bags and love to do pattern testing as it pushes me to try new things. I’m lucky we have a pool so when it gets hot I jump in to cool off as I dont like to pay for air conditioning.

After I get my son he practices violin, does homework, has soccer or tennis.

Then dinner some down time and Rachel Maddow if I can stay up and then

good night day


~ by junglemama on May 8, 2018.

One Response to “A “normal” Day”

  1. Holy Nelly, that’s a lot of baking! And in Puerto Vallarta’s heat–you’re made of stronger stuff than me! But it looks AMAZING!

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